Thank YOU for the donations that were made during our first week of crowdfunding on GoFundMe!!!

Let’s make the 2nd week even bigger! This IS National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. Let’s honor those who have gone before their time and get this documentary into full fledged production!!!

As promised in the link below, anyone who donates $100 or more will automatically receive one complimentary piece #LoveOneAnotherFilm Merchandise Apparel.  #LoveOneAnotherFilm Merchandise

Now here is our first THANK YOU/UPDATE video. We will have one posted hopefully every Tuesday: #TuneInTuesdays Episode One (LoveOneAnotherFilm)

My mom and I had a blast chatting and making the video-please let us know if you have any questions,comments, or ideas! We are open to exploring many kinds of stories.

But don’t forget, we have the power to #StopSuicide.

#LoveOneAnother #LoveOneAnotherFilm #YouAreEnough

Keli and Jake Hanson (jlh/klh Family Productions)


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