Happy February!

#LoveOneAnotherFilm Update!!!
Happy New Year, Friends & Donors!
We here at #LoveOneAnotherFilm hope that you are having a fabulous 2019 so far!
We thank you so much for the support, donations, and #LOVE since we first began our fundraising campaign last year.
I wanted to update you on the latest as we have been off the radar with our fundraising efforts since I moved to NYC in October (2018).
First of all: The project is still moving forward!
That being said , what I thought would take just ONE year to produce a full length documentary could actually take up to TWO years to make a professional, polished, and informative film.
As many of you know I began booking work in front of the camera just two days after arriving in NYC…(An actors dream come true!)
Needless to say between casting submissions, auditions, and shoot dates, it has been an extremely busy (almost) four months now.
I so badly want to announce what projects and roles I have been working on, but contractually I am not at liberty to list these at this time; however as air dates and film releases approach, my personal IMDb page will be updated by those productions.
The upside to this is that I have been able to organically network (as we must do in this industry) and the universe has sent some very special and knowledgeable people in my path who have given me a little more information on self producing our documentary. We have even have TWO offers from composers who want to score the film based on the subject matter alone.
The first item of business that I have had to accept and announce (after multiple suggestions from other film makers) is that GoFundMe, while beneficial to many fundraisers, is NOT the proper platform for crowdfunding a film of this particular subject and caliber, in what what could end up being a $100,000+ film.
That being said, beginning in February we will be switching to a new crowdfunding site that will both benefit the production AND its patrons.
Official announcement about that coming SOON…
In the meantime, we will keep this GoFundMe page open until our new crowdfunding page is up and running.
*Suicide is real. Just look at the many celebrities we lost just last year alone. Our focus, of course, is to bring the stories forward that do not get the press that they deserve, especially in the LDS community regarding LGBTQ related suicides. Unfortunately, it’s a subject that many LDS families and communities are in complete denial about, which is both sad and also true.*
Since moving back to NYC, I have been fortunate enough to be welcome wholeheartedly in the church by both the Manhattan Single Adult Ward (where I am finally NOT the only openly gay member of the LDS church), and also my “family” ward; the Astoria Woodside Ward, where I have been recently called to the position of a teacher in the Elders Quorum.
SO, YES- it is quite possible to identify as LGBTQ and be an upstanding member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I have had the opportunity to work closely with the missionaries, participate in #LightTheWorld 2018, and I now even attend Institute and of course, ARP (the church’s Addiction Recovery Program) on a weekly basis ALL facilitated by the church at no cost.
I realize this update has included A LOT of information, but since it has been so long since I have touched base, I wanted you all to know what was happening and where we are in the process of producing #LoveOneAnotherFilm.
With the new year, we have decided to present #LoveOneAnotherFilm from a slightly different angle.
I will leave you with a few photos of what I have been up to here in NYC over the past few months.
Wishing you all the best for a prosperous 2019!
Most gratefully,
Jake & Keli
#LoveOneAnotherFilm: A Hanson Family Production

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